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Oct 30 2012

Today I Will Make A Difference – Signtronix

Dr. Tom Hill’s Eaglezine – From “Shaped by God”   (This is a terrific message.  Read this every morning for 30 days.  Do it when you first wake up.  It will make a difference) Today I will make a difference. I will begin by controlling my thoughts. A person is the product of his thoughts. […]

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Oct 28 2012

Signtronix – More Birthday Celebrations

Belated Happy Birthday wishes go out to Ms. Firecracker herself, Rosemary Brewer.  We know you have a special day, Rosemary.  We also send birthday celebrations wishes to Randy Dombek on July 7th, Alison Howe and Keith Hudson on July 8th.  And, from the Home Office we wish a very Happy Birthday to Kristen Cipollone from […]

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Oct 26 2012

Practice Visualization – Signtronix

Picture your competition in the Tournament working the street right across from you.  Picture yourself calling on every business on your street and getting the order and the next order.  Picture yourself being number one for the Tournament of Champions and taking part in the greatest celebration in the history of Signtronix on the Summit […]

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Oct 22 2012

The Signtronix Round Up Part 3 – Signtronix

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Steel City Eagles   DM Frank “The Machine” Marzullo continues to prove his nickname is completely accurate, if not understated! Frank was field training with a ride-a-long and sold TWO contracts in one day. The following day, Frank was field training new Dealer, Kevin White, and AGAIN sold TWO contracts! With both feet pounding the pavement, […]

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Oct 19 2012

The Signtronix Round Up Part 2 – Signtronix

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South Florida Hurricanes   RM Mike Carter is stealth and savvy when it comes to placing signs. But make no mistake, he’s a strong-willed individual that loves to help people succeed! You know Mike is out and about helping business owners when there are $100 dollar bills flying around. He said, “I love getting paid […]

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