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Sep 30 2013

Signtronix Lady of the Month – Marjorie Woods Part 2

When recalling her first Signtronix experience, Marjorie said, “It was on our first date that Mark introduced me to Signtronix. I mean he did the presentation! I was so intrigued as to how he can have so much flexibility and fun travelling selling signs.

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Sep 27 2013

Signtronix Lady of the Month – Marjorie Woods Part 1

It’s easy to see that Marjorie C. Woods loves life, enjoys family and seeks adventure. She was raised in Cade, Louisiana, (150 miles Southwest of New Orleans) and spent most of her formative years there. After graduating college with a degree in Human Services in the early seventies, this southern girl made her way to […]

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Sep 25 2013

Signtronix – Nashville Katz

Love is in the air! Sales are coming in and new Dealers are in training! It doesn’t get much better! Recently, in a recruiting program Eddy Ballis notified the team that he had gotten married. Not recently, but back in April! He’s just now sharing the news! Well, belated Congratulations to Eddy & Vickie!

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Sep 23 2013

Signtronix – The Psychology of Achievement

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Develop the Top Achiever’s Mind set Are you ready to break away from a negative mind set, really believe in yourself and find the courage to “go for it”? Brian Tracy has a down-home approach and adds a dash of humor here and there, helping you feel like he’s a close friend sharing his wisdom […]

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Sep 20 2013

Signtronix – The Power of Effective Signage

A Customer’s Own Words of Success On the day my beautiful sign was installed, my customers immediately were commenting on how nice the sign looked and what a great job Signtronix had done. Some of the customers were new to my store because my new sign had gotten their attention!

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