Dec 17 2012

A Cat Cinches The Deal – Signtronix

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Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Sarah and Seth McNeal on the recent loss of Sarah’s grandmother, Deloris Benson.  We know Sarah was very close to her grandmother, and we send our love during this difficult time.  Seth and Sarah are both very grateful to Signtronix and the opportunity they have to travel while still doing their job.  This allowed Sarah to visit and spend time with Deloris more in the past year than she did in her entire 8 years working at a bank.  Thank you Signtronix!

And, on a lighter note is the myth about cats sometimes being bad luck really true?  Well, leave it to Seth!  During a recent presentation at a Guns and Ammo Army Surplus business, their cat kept getting in Seth’s way.  He actually stepped on it twice but went right on with his presentation.  The cat was getting very attached to Seth and his sample.  Finally, the owner figured if the cat liked the sign, then he did too!  A new ISLED-60 is on its way.  With the good karma still surrounding Seth, he went down the street and placed an LED-40 to another business.  Way to go!  Seth’s looking to move on to the “Elite 8”.

“People say to me.  You were a roaring success.  How did you do it?  I go back to what my parents taught me.  Apply yourself.  Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something.  Don’t just stand there, make something happen.”  ~Lee Iacocca

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