Sep 03 2012

Act As If – Signtronix

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“Act as if” you are serious about attaining your dreams.  Walk, talk and act enthusiastically, creating a single-minded attitude of success toward the results you desire.  The attitude you hold about yourself decides your destiny.  You can alter your life simply by altering your attitude of mind.  If you “act as if” you are what you want to be, then you will become that.

The “act as if” principle is a powerful method of converting your consciousness from conditioned habits into specific positive behaviors that will not allow you to be defeated by your own self-destructing, negative feelings.  By deciding to take control of your inner thoughts and attitudes, by engaging positive convictions and emotions, you go out into the world traveling the glorious path of will, a remarkable odyssey where positive attitude cultivates into positive action, delivering you to that special place where your dreams are waiting for you.


Words influence your beliefs, your beliefs influence your behavior, and your behavior influences the results that orbit your life.   



“Getting started off right in our business means mastering the fundamentals, observing the basics and applying efficient work habits.”  ~Roger Pelton

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