Jan 16 2013

Another Round Down – Signtronix

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With just two days left, the “Final Four” round is coming to an end.  The four remaining Champions are out there working long days and calling on every business they see.  The competition is strong, and it is truly a fight to the finish.  What started back on June 1st is finally nearing completion, and the four who remain are out there giving it all they’ve got.  Taylor Hall and Jaymes Ryan are both past #1’s.  Taylor Hall was #1 Dealer in contracts in 2006, and he knows how to get the job done.  Jaymes Ryan was #1 Dealer in $ Volume in 2003 and #1 Dealer in Contracts in 2010 so he also knows how to close the sale.  Seasoned veteran Buddy Swisshelm versus the younger veteran Seth McNeal, both have a few tricks up their sleeves.  Buddy was #1 Dealer in $ Volume in 2004 and 2005.  Seth hasn’t achieved that status yet… but he has a powerful secret weapon… his wife, Sarah.  Just two days left, and we will be down to the last leg of this AMAZING journey.  Only two will persevere.  Who will they be?

The “Final 4” runs from September 1, to September 15, 2012. All orders MUST be at Signtronix by Monday, September 17, 2012, to count and move forward to the “Final Round of 2”.

“Vision without action is a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing the time.  Action with vision is making a positive difference.”  ~Joel Barker

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