Nov 26 2012

Answer To A Prayer – Signtronix

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In Tuesday’s SOS we asked the question, “What do you call it when you have 4 sales in one day?”  The response we got from Tom DeGroot was, “We call 4 in one day a Texas Hat Trick!”  We’d like to see some of that kind of action coming out ofTexas!!!  I love it and should have known!


Usually when we hear from customers it’s because something is wrong.  Not today!  We got a call from Tammy Sawyers who owns a Florist in Virginia.  Tammy is one of three Florists in her town.  She originally did all of her flowers out of her home and recently moved into her own place.  Tammy said even though she is located on the busiest street in town business is slow, and she has been praying for a way to get more customers.  Tammy got her prayers answered when the incredible Taylor Hall walked through her door this morning.  Tammy saidTaylor was AMAZING!  His presentation was straight forward and right on the money.Taylor also told Tammy that he prays for God to send him to the businesses where he is needed the most!  She said this is the best purchase she has made in a long time and feels God sentTaylor to her!  Tammy couldn’t say enough good stuff about howTaylor brightened her day and really put her in a good mood!  This is what we call a WIN/WIN/WIN!  Way to goTaylor!  We are so very proud of you and your moral sales ethics.


Talk about making someone’s day.  We hear Miss Cameron Hall was very excited and happy upon discovering her very own photo in the recent News & Views.  You deserve it so much Cameron.  We love you!


“No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.”  ~Andrew Carnegie

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