Sep 24 2012

Believe In Yourself – Signtronix

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Our patience level gets tested all the time in lots of ways, from getting stuck in a traffic jam to our children fighting over a toy to an unreasonable customer.  What is it that keeps us going, that helps us persevere?  For some, it’s tapping into our own little inner reserves of strength.  For others, it’s calling upon our faith.

If you’re faced with a challenge, don’t let it stop you in your tracks.  Instead, find your hidden supply of strength to keep yourself moving forward.  With perseverance, it’s bound to get easier.


There’s a kind of grace in saying, “I believe in myself.”  Begin the day with this phrase to keep your strength from wavering during the difficult moments.


Find reasons to do the important things, instead of reasons not to do them.  Risk, experiment and don’t forget to have some fun while you are at it.



“Play your own game; plan your selling process and then follow your plan.”  ~Unknown

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