Jan 10 2011


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Signtronix Business:

Signtronix Business

Jim Callahan – Turn on the Switch

In thinking of what subject I would like to approach to best benefit the sales force nationally, I thought about a lot of specific things that could be done to dramatically change the way that we run our Signtronix business. All areas that I can think of are connected to each other with one underlining principal. That principal is our daily attitude towards our business and how that affects the decisions that we make day-to-day, hour-to-hour and minute-to-minute. I think that we can all agree that the way we approach our day determines how the day will treat us. It really comes down to our own personal philosophy. Many, many years ago, I developed an attitude and a way to approach this Signtronix business that has served me well and earned me millions of dollars. This philosophy/action principal has helped me break the national contract record of selling 60 contracts in one month that still stands today. It is the very same philosophy/action principal that established the Callahan Pin and The Chairman’s Challenge Pin. This very same simple philosophy/action principal has helped me become the Dealer of the Year several times and Regional Manager of the Year too many times to count. It continues to serve me to this day in every area of my life and will work for ME 100% of the time EVERY time without fail. And… it will work for you!

This very simple principal involves your imagination, belief, courage, decision and tenacity. The simple process of making it work for you requires that you do only ONE THING. TURN ON THE SWITCH! That’s right, the switch! You know, that little belief mechanism within you that says, “I KNOW exactly what I’m talking about and I do so with PASSION.

That CAN DO attitude that says NOTHING and NO ONE will prevent me from being turned on and excited about my company, my product and what it will do for them.

I am always UP and positive because I have faith in my philosophy and my convictions. If I am excited, passionate and enthusiastic about what I am saying, people CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES… they start to get turned on too! They are looking at a CONFIDANT, POWERFUL, PASSIONATE AND SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL WHO IS FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS and TOTALLY AT EASE WITH HIMSELF AND ANY SUBJECT MATTER.

This is what I mean by TURNING ON THE SWITCH! This simple technique separates the winners from the losers in life and can determine how high you get in your personal goals with this company and financially in life. How does this apply to our current Signtronix business?

Man, I am EXCITED! This is the GREATEST time ever to be involved with Signtronix! With the introduction of our NEW ISLED PRODUCTS in combination with our existing product line, we have been handed the keys to the city!

Have you turned on your switch to the incredible opportunity to the territory that has just recently been opened up with the advent of the ISLED product line? It’s really mind blowing! It has increased 1000 fold! Have you turned on your switch to the ease in which New and Old dealers are selling this product from the moment they take it out in the field? The product is DYNAMITE!

Have you turned on your Switch to what this means to the Company, your organizations and retention of Manpower and how that will affect the future of our company and direction of growth? There are UNLIMITED amounts of MONEY to be earned!!

So how do you apply this Philosophy to your day-to-day business? That’s simple. Just follow the proven plan. OWhen you go to bed at night program your mind with positive, successful thoughts before you drift off. Wealth… Success…Perfect Health…Harmony…Happiness. OWake up with a positive expectancy for the day…turning on your switch before you get out of bed. OEngage early and get a jump on the day and work toward your goals with all your power all day…keep your “Work Switch” on at least 12 hours daily and bend your efforts to achieving your goals while keeping a record of your activity. OGet excited … really EXCITED about what you do and talk to as many people about your incredible discovery and how it will benefit them. OThink of this business as YOUR business… because it is! Your success DEPENDS upon your behavior every day. Your SWITCH NEEDS to be turned on and left on all day!

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