Nov 16 2012

Chances for Success – Signtronix

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Life is movement.  We go up or down and develop the best or worst of us in the journey.  Some journeys are full of struggle… some are full of success.  But the thing that makes for success is struggle and difficulty… for without difficulties to overcome there would be no such thing as succeeding.  Difficulties develop strength, resolution and resources.  Problems are too often regarded as enemies, but they are not such.  Storms and dangers alone make skilled sailors.    The fiercest of foes develops your strength and your skill.  So do not be frightened by problems and difficulties or discouraged because of them.  They are your opportunities for winning.  Your chances for SUCCESS!



“The race isn’t over until you cross the finish line. You’ll be surprised at how much can change in the last twenty strides.”  ~Jackie Dugall

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