Jul 25 2012

Characters of Signtronix Part 1 – Signtronix

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By Buddy Swisshelm


First Meet “Art” and What Art Believes

  • Art loves our new design tools!
  • He truly wants a piece of art in front of every business.
  • He already knows what is best for his customers so the customer’s input is no longer needed.
  • He knows every button and every “long cut” in Corel.
  • His computer is full of previous designs that he did not sell.
  • He now spends less time building value or showing a great ROI because his designs take up to ½ hour or more.
  • The fact that his sales have dropped, while his design skills have improved eludes him.
  • He is a starving artist!


What the Truth is about Art

  • The truth is he has forgotten the customer must see the value of the sign before art matters.
  • He does not realize the art does not sell someone a sign.  It only convinces someone who is buying a sign that they should buy a Signtronix sign.
  • He is spending most of his time in the account doing design and by the time he is finished any value he might have built is gone, the top has quit spinning, and he has lost his customer.
  • We have a ten step presentation and art should not take up more than 5 minutes unless the customer is working with you… then 10 minutes will work. After that you are losing value.
  • Are you a starving artist?  Have your sales gone up or down since the new sales tools were introduced.
  • Do not become a starving Artist!



Next Meet “Rusty” and What Rusty Believes

  • Rusty believes he is the best in the business.
  • Although his current sales totals are ½ of what they use to be, He has tons of Plaques from last year to prove he is the best!
  • He doesn’t study because he already knows that “stuff”.
  • He has added some great stuff to his presentation including 41 photos and 23 letters, which he shares with every customer.
  • He also knows how to do it better than anyone and as soon as the economy improves, he will reclaim his #1 spot.

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