Jul 27 2012

Characters of Signtronix Part 2 – Signtronix

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By Buddy Swisshelm

What the Truth is about Rusty

  • The truth is Rusty has quit doing what got him to the top spot in the first place
  • He forgot that all outstanding performances are preceded by unspectacular preparation.
  • He forgot SPR. Study, Practice, and Rehearse.
    • You study to learn.
    • You practice to become great.
    • You rehearse to keep it!
  • His presentation is so watered down that it lacks simple value and is boring to the customer.
  • He spends his time trying to impress his customer with his knowledge instead of building value.
  • He blames everything else except the real reason.  He is not doing what he used to do!




Now Meet “Chase” and What Chase Believes

  • Chase is a great guy!  He has a big heart and believes every customer’s story,
  • His customers are different.
  • He is so busy and has tons of people to see.
  • His next month is going to be his best.
  • He is going to work the program as soon as all of his leads, call backs and post-dated checks are finished.


What the Truth is about Chase

  • Chase is using false promises to avoid actually studying the right way.
  • Although he can sell 10-15 signs in a month, he is stuck on 3-4 because of his actions.
  • He has taken the exception and has made it the rule.
  • If Chase would take all of the time he spends on call backs and spend that time learning the close and how to be great at it, he would make 10 times the amount of money that he is earning now.
  • The bottom line is… why do all of the veterans constantly preach about staying away from call backs?  Why?

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