Jul 30 2012

Characters of Signtronix Part 3 – Signtronix

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By Buddy Swisshelm

Last Meet “Price” and What Price Believes

  • Price believes that price is all that matters.
  • He talks price in the opener.
  • He leaves prices knowing the customer will call.
  • He prices the sign before wasting time on design hoping the customer will buy a product that will represent their business for the next 20 years without seeing what it will look like.
  • He blames our prices for not selling more


What the Truth is about Price

  • The Price doesn’t matter providing value is built.
  • Customers will buy when their perceived value exceeds the price. Until then….
  • The customer will not care about price until they want the sign and realize that it will cost them more money not to buy the sign.
  • You can build value until there is urgency then value stops and urgency takes over. Build value first then price.


Does any of this sound familiar?  Which characters do you have in your region?  Signtronix created the 10-Step Presentation many years ago.  It works!  Follow the program and see the rewards!

“Where in the world could you find an opportunity like the one we have at Signtronix?”  ~Tom Johnson

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