Apr 07 2012

Copper State Cool Rays – Signtronix

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The Copper State Cool Rays are on the move. June was a true JUBILEE! After several setbacks, Jim Dorsey is chomping at the bit to get out of the gate. He closed an LED-40 giving him a taste of his future. Nothing is stopping him now. Several factory leads are waiting to see Jim. Watch out for breaking news from Jim!

New Dealer Sheldon Ross has a passion for this business.

He has taken his time to get things right and everything in order. It will pay off! Sheldon will be hitting full stride after acouple of medical issues are resolved. He is learning and getting the facts with lots of questions. We can’t wait to watch him bolt out of the starting gate.

Delanie Brown got her Icebreaker recently! She did a lite-up at a Quilting Store and explained the technology and the benefits. The owners thought it might be something to think about. She expertly told them about our showcase program and with the art design from RM Harold Weatherly, the deal was done and on the way!

Dorian Almonteis so close to his quest he can taste it! He is determined to make the mark set for him to become a District Manager. In June, Dorian had 12 contracts but was closing in on his goal for 13. He has traveled from Texas to Colorado to Kansas and Nebraska to meet up with RM Harold Weatherly in South Dakota. Harold was helping RM Jeff Van Horn field train his new dealers. Dorian helped an Auto Parts Store with two locations with two sets of signs for each

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