Aug 13 2012

Did You Know – Signtronix

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  • The Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo, one of only three major free zoos in the country, is the country’s oldest public zoo with an estimated annual attendance of three million.
  • Signtronix, the BEST sign company in the country, is having a free June Jamboree with an estimated attendance of 200!
  • Four states are visible from the Skydeck Chicago (formerly the Sears Tower Skydeck). Indiana, Illinois, Michigan & Wisconsin.
  • Dealers from all across the country which will include at least 30 states will be visible in Chicago at the Workin’ to Windy City Jamboree.
  • The first mail-order business, Montgomery Ward & Co., was established in 1872.
  • Signtronix formerly Gulf Development, Inc. was established in 1959 and incorporated in 1964.
  • The Adler Planetarium in Chicago became the first planetarium in theWestern Hemispherein 1930.
  • Kozell Boren, owner and founder of Signtronix, was born in 1930!

Signtronix dealers will be “Workin’ to Windy City” and making new “facts” of their own that will stand the test of time and go down in the Signtronix history books.  Don’t miss this GREAT event June 1 & 2, 2012 at the Marriott O’Hare Hotel.  Be sure to bring copies of orders written during the contest period to be included in the drawing for great prizes!


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