May 09 2012

Good Will Pays Off-Signtronix

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Remember the article on Tuesday where St. Louis Road Warriors Seth & Sarah McNeal followed up on a referral given to them by the Children’s Boutique. The referral they sold was to a Tanning Salon.  Seth has a personal program where he matches the Signtronix referral fee so they went back to the Children’s Boutique to give the customer their $50.00 and guess what?  You got it!

The Children’s Boutique gave them another referral. So, Seth and Sarah headed across town to an exclusive Women’s Boutique.  Cha ching!  They placed a Model 34 and headed back to the Children’s Boutique to give the customer another $50.00.  This time Seth asked for his $50 back and traded it for a $100.  The customer was ecstatic!  Seth said, “There is something that feels really good about handing a customer $100 bill!  Great job and GREAT idea!  This is another contract on the books toward Seth’s 5th Sijan!


“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible”!  ~Audrey Hepburn

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