Jan 11 2013

How To Be A Champion – Signtronix

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From Harold Weatherly


Back to basics is what works best!  The presentation taught to each Signtronix Dealer is, hands down, the best way to sell a sign. Here is what Harold says:


  • I use the standard Step 1 Intro. I probably get a lite-up with 35% of owners. 17 sales from 68 lite-ups equal 1 out of 4. I follow the presentation fairly close. I make a friend and I am impressed by them. I learned to do this by watching Buddy Swisshelm training videos.
  • I always assume the close by asking, “Which way makes the most sense for you, lease or cash.”  This is called “The Alternate of Choice“. I learned this from Zig Ziglar’s CDs.
  • No one ever says, “Write it up”. I just start asking for their shipping address. I learned this from Tom Johnson.
  • Roger Pelton trained me in the classroom and taught me the basic foundation which I stick to. Adlib and die. Stick to the BASICS!
  • Richard Houston field trained me and taught me to tune in to the merchant. And don’t do call backs, no matter how seductive and convincing they sound. They never work!
  • There is no secret. As Vernie Boren has taught me: “You won’t catch any fish unless you have a hook in the water.
  • I dress business casual with slacks and dress shirt with long sleeves rolled up exactly midway between wrist and elbow, no tie and dark burgundy Nocona lizard skin cowboy boots. I do wear a Signtronix logo shirt a couple of times during the week.
  • Your work area is very important.  Basically it’s all totally random! Work your 24 call sheet and you will have success. Timing is also very important.   Again, totally random. FOLLOW YOUR CALL SHEET!
  • The most important thing I could say is ASK FOR REFERRALS! I sell almost half my signs from either a referral or across the street from a referral. So, always get referrals!

Harold uses ALL his resources!  He uses the program AND uses everyone around him to help him succeed.  He gathers knowledge from every source he can.  Greatness only comes with hard work. Thanks for the tips, Harold.


“Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.”  ~John D. Rockefeller

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