Dec 18 2011

Ice Breaks In Pennsylvania – Signtronix

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They surely heard the ice break all over Central Pennsylvaniawhen new Eagle Billy Houck walked into Signtronix DM Brad Whistler’s training class o drop off his Icebreaker order. The two new dealers got to witness Billy being awarded his Icebreaker pin and got to hear the story of his order.

Billy was with the owner of an Automotive Repair Service that knew he needed a new sign. After telling Billy what he wanted, he was open to hearing the presentation. Excited about a sign that would actually be seen and be able to make him money the owner was all ears. Remembering the words from Brad’s training class Billy knew he couldn’t just give the owner what he wanted unless it was also what he NEEDED. In this case what he needed was a better layout that was easier to read and more powerful. Billy laid out a design to show the owner what he needed in front of his business.  He explained the benefits of each change he had made from the original description the owner had given about what he wanted and in the end the business owner decided he wanted to do business with the sign expert rather than just go buy a sign from the order taker down the street.   There is a new Signtronix Model 510 headed to Central Pennsylvania and an owner with a huge smile on his face and a new look for his business.  Billy was able to make a nice deposit on his first placement. Way to go and congratulations Billy!

Brad Whistler also wanted to mention that Billy had owned his own sign company in the past and as he was going through training class Billy kept commenting on how he wished he knew then what he was learning with Signtronix. He never understood the power of what he was doing as a sign company and only had to fill the order mentality, Billy now has the mentality of making sure the signs he places will have a positive impact on the image and the income of the businesses he helps. With strong work ethic and a will to succeed we have just begun to hear about Billy Houck.

“Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.”  ~George Herbert

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