Apr 11 2012

Nashville Katz – Signtronix

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You have all heard the phrase, “When you want something bad enough you will find the money.” Well, Nashville Katz RM Bill Gigaxtook that phrase to a whole new level. Bill was talking to a mother and daughter team who just opened a Nail Salon in Tennessee. They had only been in business two weeks when Bill walked through the door. He talked to them about a Model 36 D/F display and explained the benefits of the sign so well that TAP Rep Chris Ingemicould tell they really wanted the sign when Bill called for showcase pricing. Their credit was approved for the lease, but even with a small deposit required there was no money. The owners had put all their money into opening the business and didn’t have anything left for a deposit.

But wait… where there is a will there is a way. Those ladies loved that sign and knew that if they didn’t buy it, they would end up losing a fortune. The daughter had a car she had recently decided to sell. She knew she could get $1,100 – $1,200 for it so she called a friend who was interested in it and sold it to him for just the amount of the deposit they needed (A fraction of what the car was worth!). The catch was he had to bring the cash to her shop immediately! Bill waited and about 15 minutes later a young man ran into the shop with money in hand. Freda took the money, handed it to Bill and signed the papers. Freda said she knew she would recapture her loss over and over again with their new sign. Everyone went home happy! Great job, Bill! “It’s a pleasure to work with you,” said Chris.

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