Nov 03 2012

No Such Thing As Try – Signtronix

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Be aware there is a trap almost every adult falls into.  This trap sucks the life out of every endeavor.  The trap causes indecision and less than stellar results.  This trap, if it becomes a habit for you, can paralyze your in your pursuit of a fulfilling, successful life.  It is the trap of the word “try”.


There is no such thing as “trying” something.  For example, try to type the word “try” on your computer screen.  The results:  You either did type the “it” or you did not.  Don’t get in the habit of thinking in terms of “try” and you will be clearer to think of the things you will either DO or NOT DO.  You won’t muddy the waters of your work.


“Try” is an esteem building word.  It’s best used when teaching children.  For example:  “Nice try, John.  You’re getting better.  Keep trying and you will hit the ball next time.”  But, as an adult, John won’t get much praise for simply trying to make a sale, finish the paperwork or meet his goal.


Pay attention to how much you think about trying tings.  Eliminate the option of trying, and you’ll see how your life will begin to change and clear up!


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  ~John Quincy Adams  

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