Oct 12 2011

Not Doing What Causes Problem – 2

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Q. When do you want that loss to stop? A.RIGHT NOW!

Now put yourself with your numbers in the conversation.

How much money have YOU lost and when do you want it to stop?

As a DM, the conversation is slightly different, but mostly the same. The primary difference and question is in how many and who are your customers. The answer is THREE.

1.The moms and pops who buy signs


3.The dealers you lead

For the first two customers, the conversation is basically the same. But now you get to present one more product line. Not you as a quality salesperson, but you who provides quality management and leadership to dealers you’ve been entrusted with to help them become a quality product as well.

But again, the process is NOT something new.

Q. Is riding with your dealer once a week a foreign concept? A. No

Q. Is having a phone conversation each evening to review the dealer’s day something new?

A. Uh-uh.

Q. Is reviewing the dealer’s call sheet to help them understand the value of a call “odd”? A. Nope.

Q. Is rehearsing the presentation in the evenings when you’re on the road an “abnormality”? A. Can’t say that it is.

So again, it’s not what we DON’T know that causes the problem. It’s not doing what we DO KNOW that causes the problem.

Is it the economy? Is it gas prices? Is it the war? Has it ever really been before? Then what is different now? The answer is nothing.

There is no problem we have that can’t be solved with the right activity.

We already know what the right activity is. So, the only “problem” we have is in deciding to DO THE ACTIVITY.

So what are you allowing to keep you from doing what you know to do? When are you going to tell it to STOP?

“10% of life is what we are

thrown. 90% of life is how

we catch it.”

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