Dec 28 2012

Perseverance Pays Off – Signtronix

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Many of the Elite 8 have gone underground and are keeping quiet about their activity.  We’ve heard Seth McNeal has a plan and has been texting old guy Joe Brewer quite a bit to get him off his focus.  Joe pretends like he doesn’t know what’s going on while he continues to sharpen his savvy sales skills.  Jaymes Ryan and Jeff Howey have gone into silence mode keeping quiet about the contracts being written.  We’ve heard rumors they are both on alert and working full days to keep their numbers up.  Buddy Swisshelm is completely off the charts and out of contact as he continues to increase his numbers.  Meanwhile Bob Hollen is working with good friend Kirnan Lewis and we’ve seen some of their results of their efforts on Facebook.  It’s a good thing Buddy doesn’t look at Facebook.  We also know Taylor Hall is driven by wanting his father to go fishing in Mexico, which makes for long days in the field.  And, Daniel Reuter continues to show why he was #1 DM in 2011.  The “Final 4” could consist of any of these strong dealers.  Who are you betting on the advance?

The “Elite 8” runs from August 16, to August 31, 2012. All orders MUST be at Signtronix by Tuesday, September 4, 2012, to count and move forward to the “Final 4”.

“It’s always too early to quit.”  ~Norman Vincent Peale

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