Apr 17 2012

Quest for Sijan – Signtronix

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Congratulations to RM Al Borgers who finished in 2nd Sijan in December 2011 with 13 contracts.  Al set a strict diet including no alcohol or sugar during his quest for his 2nd Sijan.  Al felt this was a very small sacrifice he could make to honor Lance P. Sijan.  In the end Al felt stronger, healthier and ready to do it again!  Al Borgers has now set his goal to earn his 3rd Sijan in January.  Joining Al in January is Seth McNeal going for #5.  Richard Truex and Tim Roche are both going for their first Sijan.  Marvin Paige is going for #3 and Craig Jarrett is going for #4.  Anyone else who would like to join this group please let us know.  Also, check the Sijan Facebook page to post and get daily updates from Sijan Team Members.


Below is a link titled, “Into the Mouth of the Cat: A Lance P. Sijan Documentary” on YouTube sent to us from Bill Gigax and Tim Roche.  Be sure to watch this incredible and touching video.



“There is no moment like the present. The man who will not execute his resolutions when they are fresh upon him can have no hope from them afterwards.” ~Marie Edgeworth

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