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Signtronix Reviews:

Signtronix Reviews

An amazing Nashville Jamboree produced a spike in sales, solutions and spirits! See what our CEO’s have to say about it…

To everyone attending the Signtronix Nashville Jamboree, Sally and I send warm greetings. Tom asked me to do a short Signtronix review video message. However, not having Tom’s colorful flock of hair, good looks, and melodious voice, I opted to take advantage of those attributes and ask him to read a short letter from us. After much consideration, I have decided to talk about the economy. We are somewhere along the continuum of an economic adjustment. I hear people complain about many things: I certainly do not deny any of them because I have learned it is always easier to flock to well publicized excuses than to ignore them and focus on our own personal activity, which is the only real solution. This summer I heard about the hot weather. Being a problem solver, I have learned to first get the facts. The fact was that someone was sitting in an air conditioned car talking on a high-tech wireless phone, dreading the 100ft walk to get to the air conditioned building, to engage themselves in the only true solution which is your own small business of selling signage.

I would like to suggest you develop a mind-set that although we are in the midst of an economic adjustment, you are going to exercise more,eat less, work smarter, longer hours and power your way through these times. Be grateful we are a company that has survived dozens of adjustments. We have a model that is recession proof and can be a blessing if you only work it! I can assure you, Signtronix and those of you that work the model will be here to see us through this one and be strong for the future.

Be grateful you have a vehicle (your job) where you will always be rewarded relative to your personal effort and skills. Are you working harder and smarter to offset the forces in our current economy? Are you accepting the premise that, “If it is to be it is up to me?” Do you accept responsibility for the welfare of those you are responsible for? If necessary, are you working, really working, 12 hour days, 6 days a week?

Speaking of being grateful… Signtronix reviews – I was born in 1930, at the beginning of the Grand daddy of all recessions where we had 50% unemployment. The US had a rural economy and most people lived and worked in the country. My dear father, with a family of nine, had a small business–a blacksmith, machine and welding shop–located nine miles from the nearest town. Today, I have his ledgers from that business. On the top of a page he would itemize the work he performed. It would read: eight sweeps, four go-devil blades, repair a singletree, etc. At the bottom of the page he listed the method of payment: one pound of butter, peck of potatoes, a gallon of gas, 1 bushel of wheat, 2 dozen eggs, one hog.

Each day I looked forward to helping him in the shop. My favorite job was to turn the handle of the blower of his coal forge. Although I was a few feet from the fire, my father was much closer. I could hardly stand the heat at my distance. He did it 16 hours a day, six days a week. From discarded items, I made my own wagon, scooter and other toys. My shoe soles were cut and shaped from a tire that was worn thin before it was replaced. Folks, I mention this only to make a point. I assure you things could be worse! Ask yourself, am I really opening my store every day and using my time efficiently? Do I know how to use all the tools available to me? Am I being the best I can be?

As you pursue your goals, perhaps thinking of my father with seven children, bartering his work for food will give you strength as it has me. Thanks to all of you and the 82 people in the home office, Signtronix is good and getting better! Don’t expect any silver bullets in life. Do expect to get out of life what you are willing to put into life. Be grateful for the things and opportunities you have. Make and shape your own future. Stretch yourself. NEVER EVER ACCEPT OR MAKE EXCUSES.

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