Jan 24 2011

Sign Design Education for Better Signtronix Signs

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Signtronix EMC And Art Training

Brent P said, “We covered everything you need to know to produce effective signage from a graphics standpoint.”

Visibility – Can you see it?
Readability – Can you read it?
Conspicuity – Will you actually see it… does it stand out in its environment?

For further information about art requirements and EMC Capabilities, contact your Regional Manager about more training information.

Signtronix Education on the road! If you were in the latest Albuquerque or Waco EMC and Art Training, you know the value of traveling education. Brent P and Morgan L, our Signtronix Graphics Specialists, went on the road with President Tom J to spread the knowledge about art requirements and EMC capabilities. “It was a great meeting and we learned a ton about artwork and how to design better signs!”

Because that is indeed our goal. To design the best looking signs for our customers so they can attract new customers of their own and grow their business.

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