May 13 2013

Signtronix – 100% from San Antonio!

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The Gunslingers are constantly giving 100%. DM Daniel Reuter has been stomping the pavement and placing lots of contracts including a Model 26 to a Boutique, a Model 36 to a Steakhouse, a Model 510 to an Auto and Towing Business and a pair of 2-line 6ft EMC’s to a Restaurant who happens to be a previous customer!

Michael Petty is also leading the Gunslingers. He has placed a set of Model 612 panels to a previous customer, Model 68 Panels, a Model 45, a 3-line 60” indoor EMC to a Mexican Restaurant and two sets of Panels to our old customer with an Ultra-Tech! Wow.

Marc Ruiz placed an IS-40 to a Flower Shop in San Antonio while field training! Nice job.

RM Joel Pelton is very proud of his team and gives thanks every day for his


“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”  ~Tony Robbins 

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