Dec 26 2011

Signtronix Action Principles

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By Buddy Swisshelm

The Action Principle

  • The most important principle is the Action Principle. 90% of success is showing up


Life Rewards Action, Not Intent

  • Make decisions and pull the trigger.
    • Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Life Only Rewards Action

  • Life does not care what you intend or intended to do.
    • Your actions are all that really counts.
    • God did not give you the ability to always make the right decision, But he did give you the ability to make a decision and if it is wrong, then do whatever you need to do to  make it right

Take Action

  • It is always better to do something.
    • Be a person of action.
    • Make a decision and make it now!
    • Trying something is better then doing nothing.
    • You need to fail often and succeed only once to succeed in almost everything you try.
    • We learn and grow from our failures so do not be afraid of failing!

Pull The Trigger

  • Some people spend their entire life aiming and never actually pulling the trigger.  Be someone who does pull the trigger. If you missed you mark, adjust, and pull the trigger again! Keep on shooting!!

All of Your Actions Matter

  • Every move we make and every action we take, matters not just for us, but all of us…and for all time.
    • It is not just the big things that count.
    • Everything counts!

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