Apr 05 2012

Signtronix – Alabama “A” Team

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July has always been an important month for RM Ron Gither, but also one of his most productive. The 4th of July is his father’s birthday and the 2nd of July was his 17th Wedding Anniversary. Ron said, “I’m thankful for the support and love I get from my best friend and wife, Maria.” July has also been a great month to earn bonus signs and Sijan Awards for the entire Region!

Dustin Gither is going for his 1st Sijan this month and Brandon Gither will go for his second. Ron will begin one later in the month and finish strong in early August.

Thanks to the June Jubilee, the team has built serious momentum and is working through July with enthusiasm and high expectations.

Dustin finished June working with his dad and helped a Restaurant with a Model 28 and an LED-60, a Dog Grooming Salon with a Model 26, a Radiator Shop with a Model 36 and a Tattoo Shop with a Model 46.

DM Brandon Gither and Scott Bowman teamed up to help a Mexican Restaurant with a Model 46 and a Gun Shop with a Model 45 along with a variety of other businesses.

Not only did Scott Bowman work with Brandon, but he also helped a customer with an 8ft Tri-Color and then sold his Bonus sign for a worthy payday. However, Scott’s proudest moments were his grand-daughter’s 1st birthday and the graduation of his son, Cody, from boot camp. Cody is off to Germany to serve his country again. A sincere thanks, Cody!

RM Ron Gither is proud of his team, thankful for men like Cody and excited for what the future holds for his team. Keep it up, “A” Team!

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