Feb 06 2012

Signtronix – Alabama “A” Team I

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RM Ron Gither said, “The secret to success at Signtronix is…there are no secrets!” He would like to thank RM Lance Pelton of the Trailblazers for the time they spent together on the phone. Ron felt like he was missing something when he tried the “Come ride with me” program for potential recruits, and Lance Pelton was more than patient and helpful in advising Ron and sharing his expertise and experience. “That’s what I love about this company! Everybody is so willing to help everyone. Nobody has their own secrets.” Ron used the advice on his birthday and had a great day with a potential new recruit.

Ron and Dustin Gither were working together and after helping a Book Store in a downtown setting with an IS-60, they paid a visit to an existing customer who owned a Tanning Salon and a Laundromat.



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