May 25 2012

Signtronix-Alabama A Team On A Roll

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Last Monday, RM Ron Gither and DM Brandon Gither were out making their daily lite-ups when they visited with the owner of a Restaurant that had been in business over 20 years but badly needed a sign. Brandon did the presentation and Ron did the art work.

Halfway through the lite-up the customer told them he had a sign in his lobby.  When Ron and Brandon took a look, they found a Signtronix Model 68 Designer still in the crate.  The customer told them he’d had it for over ten years. Brandon continued the presentation and Ron designed a new panel with our new Crystal-lite panels.  The customer is now awaiting his new panels to advertise his Restaurant, Bakery and his wife’s Gift Shop. The following day Brandon and Ron found a Comic Book Store that was moving to a new location.  Cha-ching… a new Model 312 panel and an ISLED-60 combo are on their way to complete his new location.  On Wednesday the duo called the owner of the Restaurant they sold Monday and explained that a headliner for his wife’s Gift Shop would make his sign look less cluttered.

The owner told them that his wife owned the Gift Shop so it would be up to her.  After they got the wife to come to the Restaurant to take a look at a new sign design which included her separate headliner, she purchased the headliner so her boutique would have more visibility.  The husband and wife both promised that the signs would not stay in the lobby this time and would be installed immediately.   Today, Ron and Brandon visited with the owner of a Bird Feed Store. In talking to him they leaned that a year ago he had been approached by another Signtronix dealer but was not offered any lease options and did not have the cash to commit. Ron gave him the figures for a lease and the “Bird Buffet” is now waiting to receive their beautiful custom Model 44.  Way to go A Team.  You’re truly on a roll!


“Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.”  ~Warren G. Bnnis

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