Dec 19 2012

Signtronix – Alabama “A” Team RIDDLE Part 1

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How does a person have dinner with Craig Jarrett, Beth and Paul Shawley; hang out for an evening with Taylor Hall, see the Blue Ridge Mountains, New York City, and Boston; enjoy the hospitality of the Ingemi’s and work with the unforgettable Denny Giacobe? Answer: Road trip!

Alabama “A” Team RM Ron Gither made a trip to remember and had the pleasure of hanging out with some of his friends from around the country. While field training in Charlotte for the legendary Paul Shawley, he got to get to know Georgia Bull dawg Craig Jarrett a little better. “This guy is a selling machine and fun to visit with, too.” The evenings included dinner with Beth and Paul Shawley. “If you’re ever in town, you need to try Beth’s spaghetti.”

After helping a few businesses, Ron headed up through Virginia where he placed a few locations and met up with Taylor Hall for an evening. “Taylor is a wealth of knowledge and a real class act with a sincere desire to win the Tournament”.

A short drive through New York City brought Ron to the home of Chris and Steve Ingemi. Ron’s first customer while field training in Massachusetts happened to be less than three miles from the Ingemi’s home, at a store where Chris shops, to a business owner who happened to be a neighbor and friend of Chris and Steve’s. After 5 days of field training and some incredible dinners served up by Chris (who somehow finds time to cook while working as a TAP Rep), Ron was ready to work his way home, but not until he had the opportunity to enjoy the Boston Team Eagle Lobster Fest, complete with a “Beer Can Turkey”. “Steve has real talent in his region. These dealers are sharp and ready to go!” Ron made some new friends while working with the team and is looking forward to watching them grow with the help of DM Jim Dobson and RM Steve Ingemi.

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