Mar 16 2012

Signtronix – Arkansas Travelers

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RM Kirnan Lewis congratulates Doug Bottoroff on a job well done. Doug was working a Home Office lead from Stacey Elkins and found out exactly what the customer needed. Since Doug’s computer was down, he gave Kirnan the artwork and Kirnan created the signs for Doug. An hour later, Doug called with a contract for panels on a D/F Model 612, a S/F Model 416, and a S/F Model 48! Kirnan said, “I definitely made a good decision giving Doug this lead. He did a great job overcoming obstacles.”

Kirnan and new Dealer Jim Kral went on a road trip to Eastern Arkansas. After making their call list, they went through 20 doors and only found two business owners! Out of nowhere Jim spotted a Mexican Restaurant they hadn’t seen earlier. After giving his first presentation in the field, Jim turned the close over to Kirnan. They placed an LED-40! “Jim is going to be a great asset to our Arkansas Team and will soon be a force to be reckoned with,” Kirnan said.

At the end of a very full day, Kirnan and Jim got back to their hotel about 7:00pm. With a hunger for more, Jim decided to go out for one more lite-up… on his own. At 11:00pm, Kirnan began to worry about Jim. After just a few minutes, Jim walks in and apologizes for staying out so late, but said it took him a while to “do all the paperwork” on his ICEBREAKER! With the assistance of the awesome Ali Howe, Jim placed an LED-40 to a Beauty Salon. “I’m telling you folks, you better look out for this guy. He’s going to be a power house.” said Kirnan.

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