Apr 13 2012

Signtronix – Axioms from Tom Johnson

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  1. You don’t make money to buy a sign… you buy a sign to make money.  If the sign isn’t making you money, tear it down and throw it away!
  2. Your sign must generate additional revenue for the business.  Not just identify it to people who already know you’re here.
  3. A “static” or “stationary” sign quickly becomes part of the scenery.
  4. Ask yourself, “What is there about my sign that attracts buyers to my business?”
  5. 20% of your population relocates each year.  Your sign must replace the lost 20% with the new people moving in
  6. The sign must project a progressive, aggressive, up-to-date image!  People judge the inside of your business by how you look on the outside.

“My suggestion would be to walk away from the 90% who don’t and join the 10% who do.”  ~Jim Rohn

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