May 14 2012

Signtronix-Boston Birthday Celebration Gets Even Better

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Boston Team Eagle RM Steve Ingemi had a full day planned in the field on his wife’s, Chris, birthday.  He wanted to get home early so they could celebrate with a nice dinner.  So, Steve headed out the door very early.

A short time later, Steve called Chris and began singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  He had just placed a set of replacement panels to aSpanishChurch and would be coming home with a nice gift.  A couple hours after that Chris got another call.  When she heard the birthday song, she smiled because Steve had just placed an LED-40 to Ocean Side Restaurant.  Steve had gone in to have lunch and walked out with a full stomach and a full wallet! Now he was coming home with an even better gift!  Way to go Steve!  And Chris, we know you had a Happy Birthday!


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