Feb 13 2013

Signtronix – Brent Puniwai “Department of Odd Jobs” Part 1

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After 16 years in aerospace, native Californian Brent Puniwai went back to school to learn electronics and graduated from Southern California Institute of Technology. “I dabbled in a brief career as a sculptor and a writer but decided poverty was overrated and took a job here at Gulf Development back in 1994 doing renderings.” Brent has been thriving and succeeding ever since.

Brent created the Department of Odd Jobs to handle all the projects that didn’t fit neatly into other departments. “The emphasis of the DOJ is design, but we stray pretty far from that field.” Brent has worked on a little of everything from the graphics we use, the software to distribute the graphics we use, to developing a new program that simplifies the sign design process.

In Manufacturing, while helping to redesign the extrusions we use, Brent found a way to make 16 punch-press operations unnecessary. In design, he created media for brochures, sample designs, and new products. Brent was also the primary architect behind LEDsignstudio.com. He said, “Of course, none of this is possible without a lot of help from very skilled people in other departments and a management team that is continually willing to try something new.” Brent thrives on creating and especially being ready and able to bring ideas from the drawing board to execution!


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