Feb 15 2013

Signtronix – Brent Puniwai “Department of Odd Jobs” Part 2

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“My favorite thing about my job and working at Signtronix is that I’m constantly required to learn new skills because my projects are so varied. The new technology we learned over breakfast often becomes obsolete by dinner!” The ESOP is also a great part of Signtronix, “The ESOP is an opportunity for all of us to realize financial security after we retire.”

Not only is Brent creative and innovative at work, he is even more ingenious at home. With his background in aerospace and his experience in design, Brent’s hobby is designing and building his own 3-wheeled car. It’ll be one-of-a-kind! “I enjoy photography and relaxing, I read the current research on cosmology and physics.”

Brent has seen Signtronix grow significantly. “When I started working here, EMCs ran on coal and Edison was still working on his light bulb. Over the years, new technologies have allowed us to create signs that are more beautiful and yet remain functional.” Brent is currently working to simplify and improve the way signs are designed in the sales field and improve how the home office can access that information using just a web browser. He also manages LEDsignstudio.com along with his two interns and still manages to handle all those Odd Jobs that find their way onto his desk.

Brent is an incredible asset to Signtronix. His inventive mind lends itself to create groundbreaking advances to every part of our business. His sense of humor keeps the working atmosphere fresh. Thank you, Brent, for all your hard work!

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