Sep 21 2011

Signtronix Designer Bingo Tips

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Al Borgers, Regional Manager of the Utah Hawks and #1 Dealer in 1998, is going strong playing DESIGNER BINGO and plans to fill his entire card! Al says, “It’s easy. You just have to make a plan and set a goal.”

Here are Al’s tips for filling your BINGO card:

Print out all 100 designers on the BINGO card.

When you call on a business, only use those designers offered on the BINGO card. For example: If your customer is a Beauty Salon, only present the designers on the card that pertain to beauty.

When you make a sale for that square, you can eliminate all designers in that square.

Cross out the squares sold and focus on the remaining designers.

So far Al has filled 6 squares, eliminated 24 designers and is working toward filling the remaining 19 squares. He still has plenty of time to accomplish his goal. Great Job Al!

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