Mar 26 2012

Signtronix – Diamonds

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RM Howard Foy helped a previous customer with new Panels. He purchased the sign 15 years ago and loved it. However, last year a tornado came through and cut down trees, power poles and blew his panels out. He found them in the road cracked from numerous trucks running over them. He stated, “Your timing could not have been any better. I just received my insurance check last week and am ready to redesign the logo and purchase new panels.”

New Diamond Ross Hinshaw earned his Icebreaker with a Model 46 at a Mexican Restaurant. The owner really wanted two Tri-color EMC’s but due to credit did not qualify. However, Ross, thinking on his feet, told the business owner that if he got the Model 46 now, which would help his restaurant tremendously, he would come back after the first of the year to order the EMC’s for him. The customer made Ross promise to return in January and only if he made the promise, would he purchase the Model 46 now.

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