Sep 21 2012

Signtronix – Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of A Sale

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Strong hints that the Customer wants to buy.

  1. Where would I put it?
  2. How soon can I get it?
  3. How is it shipped?
  4. Who pays the freight?
  5. Who else will you sell it to?
  6. Can I get it in any color?
  7. Are you listed in Dunn and Bradstreet?
  8. Who else bought it?
  9. Who puts it up for me?
  10. How heavy is it?  Will the brackets support it?
  11. How do I pay for it?
  12. Do all the lamps come with it?
  13. How long will you be in the area?
  14. Can I have a picture on it?
  15. Can I buy these lamps locally?
  16. Do I have to give you any money?
  17. Can I get service on the sign?
  18. What should I put on it?
  19. Can I order it through your company later on?
  20. I want my wife to see it.  I don’t suppose you could come back?


These are questions that are built on a positive foundation.  They are all founded on the premise that he has bought the sign.  In his mind he has bought!  Otherwise there would be no point in asking such indicative questions because unless he seriously wanted to buy the sign there would be no real reason for finding out the answer.  Answer his questions intelligently and start closing.  Assume that this objection is the sole obstacle standing in the way of the sale.   When he has received a satisfactory answer to this objection, ask for his address and start writing. This is a clip from the book, “If we do it for you, WE’RE GREAT!  If you do it for yourself, YOU’RE GREAT!”  Thanks again to Conrad Escalante and Kozell Boren for this fantastic read.


“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”  ~Henry Ford

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