Jan 28 2013

Signtronix – Ending Summer with Fun and Great Memories

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The Road Warriors made an end of summer celebration with a few road trips that will be remembered and talked about for a long while.

Mike Holloway came into Tim McNeal’s District after being trained for four days in the classroom with RM Jeff and Shelley Dean.   First day out in the field, Jeff sold a 3-line EMC with an LED-60 to a BBQ Restaurant that was only open three days a week!   Mike learned fast and after spending time with Greg Haney and Mike Font was up and running with SEVEN contracts of his own.   Mike comes to us from running a full-on Snap-on Tools type of franchise.   He is teachable, quick to learn, and thoroughly enjoyed playing guitar with Jeff on a road!   Jeff Dean said, “Mike is super eager to learn and is a student of life. He enjoys helping others succeed in their business.”

New Dealer Kevin McGuinn came to the Road Warriors in a unique way.   He is a successful business owner who, in previous years, bought two signs from a Signtronix Dealer for his Pizza business.   Kevin also owns a Car Rental Business! He has chosen to represent our products and come on full-time to sell them.   Kevin enjoys traveling and wanted to sell our products after seeing what they did for him.

New Dealer Ole Cram came into New District Manager Greg Haney’s District, and watched as Greg laid down victory after victory while on a recent Road Trip.    Greg, in past years, owned a Baskin Robbins franchise, was the #1 Mrs. Fields/Pretzel Time Franchise in the country, is a Marine and a sharpshooter and has the title of being on ordained preacher inMissouri andIllinois.    Greg also skateboards, cooks great meals on the road and is a help to everyone on the team.    Look out in 2013 as Greg Haney’s District will be in TOP spots!

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a Champion.”  ~Billie Jean King

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