Jul 18 2014

Signtronix – Fast Thinking Pays Off Part 1

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Triple Crown DM Seth McNeal received a call from one of his previous customer who has an LED 40-3 line at her Ceramic Painting Class and wanted to share this story with Seth.  She had gone to a local school to do a presentation to 82 3rd grade children.  When she introduced herself, one of the 3rd grade boys raised his hand and asked, “Are you the business with the dragon on your sign?”  She thought he was talking about her wooden sign and said, “No, there is a paint brush on it.”  He then replied, “I mean your electronic sign with the dragon on it.” Later that week the boy brought his mom by her store just to show her the dragon animation on the sign and they became customers.  Seth excitedly said, “It was a great call to receive from a customer!”

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