Dec 03 2014

Signtronix – Feeling the Win Part 1

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Congratulations to the San Francisco/Napa Valley Trip Winners! Earning the dream vacation was a HUGE victory for Jeff Howey, Jaymes Ryan, Earnie Bailey, Lance Pelton, Harold Weatherly, Brian Kornuth and Buddy Swisshelm. Needless to say, they were “Feeling the WIN” the entire trip! CEO Tommy Boren and wife, Miranda, were the hosts with the most! It was five stars all the way. From touring San Francisco to ballooning over Napa Valley, this group was FEELING this win the entire trip.

Each of the winners worked extremely hard to earn this trip. It was constant focus in order to come out on top. Funny thing is, whether they recognized it or not, there were smaller wins every day that led them to this BIG win. Each of us has small wins every day. It’s recognizing them that can be difficult. True success isn’t accomplished by longing for an outlandish goal. It’s in creating and celebrating the small wins we can plot along the way toward our dreams. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is success.

They say it’s the little things, and maybe it is. When we think of a BIG WIN like this incredible San Francisco getaway, our minds often gravitate toward the dramatic, tedious long hours, the huge stats, the numerous sales needed. Go big or go home, some even say. Unfortunately, too many people get psyched out by the overwhelming size of an endeavour. They focus on the large expanse between where they are now and where they want to be, which we all know gets us nowhere fast.

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