Dec 05 2014

Signtronix – Feeling the Win Part 2

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Inherent to the idea of small wins leading to bigger successes is what Teresa Amabile, author and Professor at the Harvard Business School, calls the “progress principle.” She found the efforts of tracking small achievements each day (as well as reflecting on challenges) enhanced motivation as well as creativity. Over the years it’s been proven by many Signtronix legends that recording your sales progress daily can create a highly successful sales career. Every stop on the 24-call sheet and every lite-up is a win! There are no losses when you are working the proven Signtronix program. The chance to consider and record one’s progress, Amabile explains, helps us appreciate our “small wins” and boosts our sense of capability. We can then “leverage” that confidence toward subsequent, larger successes… say, a trip to Napa Valley? She also stresses there’s always some progress to recognize in a day, even on the most challenging or discouraging days. That notion alone is pivotal.

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