Dec 08 2014

Signtronix – Feeling the Win Part 3

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Many people out there are up against major challenges or personal issues, but still are successful. How? Among the key things that get them through (while others tend to give up) is the ability to appreciate small changes and celebrate where they are throughout the arc of their progress. Sure, they have difficult days like everyone else, but they recognize a temporary situation or feeling and let it pass. They don’t allow it to define the future or their capabilities. Applying Amabile’s suggestion, we can – and should – acknowledge the small physical and mental shifts we experience regardless of how far we may be from our end goals. Yet, too often we downplay our exciting progress or even talk ourselves out of it for the sake of guilt, unworthiness or misguided modesty. Why? We’re taking the wind out of our own sails instead of leveraging our daily wins toward the next step on our path.

Charles Duhigg, author of the book The Power of Habit explains the impact of these small achievements: “Research has shown that small wins have enormous power, and influence disproportionate to the accomplishments of the victories themselves.” In other words, it makes no difference how minute our day’s achievement is because– when we allow ourselves to recognize the wins and leverage these “tiny advantages”, the power we absorb from each small win will always be more substantial than the original event. “Progress takes on a life of its own – like motivation gone viral within our brain.” We all have goals, big and small. Where are you on that journey? How can you inch closer to your end goal? Small wins or “tiny advantages”, it makes no difference what you call them. Change your mindset and FEEL your wins each and every day. You’ll be feeling the big wins in no time at all. Let your motivation go viral!

Let Your Motivation Go Viral!

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