Aug 24 2012

Signtronix – Final Round of Madness Part 1

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The Dallas/Ft. Worth Trailblazers enter the final round of “Madness” and the matchups are exciting to say the least!   Entering the final round in the winners column are #2 seed Nick Trevino out of the East Bracket and #2 seed Bryan Marquez out of the West Bracket.

Also, in the final round with only one loss in the contest are five other dealers with a 5 point handicap.  They include Tim Knight, Kenneth Melton, Earnie Bailey, Nathan Razer and Will Welsh.  Anything can happen in the final round.  In 2009 Will Welsh won the contest after being handicapped 3 points and still managed to pull out a 12 point performance to overtake the others.   There a mere two weeks left to decide it all.

RM Lance Pelton reports that all of the Trailblazers continue to come on strong.  Keith Ives had an awesome placement to a School last week by placing a Model 48 with a set of Tri-color EMC’s!  Gary Johnson continues to shine after entering senior dealer territory.  He placed a set of 4-Line 8′ Tri-Color EMC’s last week and has his sights on many more this week.  New dealer, Al Ferrari, placed a Model 44 and an LED-40 to a Karate Studio.  The owner is super excited about his new image.

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