Jun 04 2012

Signtronix-Five Skills Of Leadership

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  1. The ability to accept people as they are, not as you would like them to be.
  2. The capacity to approach relationships and problems in terms of the present rather than the past.
  3. The ability to treat those who are close to you with the same courteous attention that you extend to strangers and casual acquaintances.
  4. The ability to trust others, even if the risk seems great.
  5. The ability to do without constant approval and recognition from others.


And so it goes that different people lead differently, but there is a set of attributes that most good leaders share, and includes an ability to organize; a desire to succeed; to bring forth a shared vision; drive and determination.


“You are everything that is, your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true.  You are everything you choose to be.  You are as unlimited as the endless universe.”  ~Shad Helmstetter

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