Jan 05 2012

Signtronix Georgia Bulldogs On Fire

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The Signtronix Atlanta Bulldogs are movin’ and shakin’ this month.  Craig Jarrett and Marvin Paige are both on a quest for September Signtronix Sijan.  Marvin wrote his 6th, 7th and 8th Signtronix Sijan contract  by placing one LED-40 at a Pet Groomer, one Signtronix LED-40 to a Bar & Grill and two Signtronix Model 34’s and Signtronix LED-60 to a Soul Food Restaurant.  Way to go Marvin!  Craig has written 7 contracts in 8 days toward his Signtronix Sijan goal.  He just placed an LED-40 Combo to a Hair Salon, a Model 46 MM to a Hair Salon and a LED-60 to a Barbeque Restaurant.  Craig is a firm believer in the “Cash Referral Rewards” program.  In August 5 of his 14 contracts were from referrals and so far this month 4 of his 7 contracts have been from referrals.  Thanks Tom Johnson!  Craig has been working with new people this week where he placed 2 of his 3 calls.  The new people said the difference between Craig and what they were doing on their own was that “Craig is getting out of the car and making the calls!”  Getting out of the car makes all the difference!  Welcome back to John Roark who has placed two LED-60’s since his return to Signtronix.  We’re proud of you John!


“He who smiles rather than rages is always stronger.”  ~Japanese Proverb

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