Sep 12 2014

Signtronix – Get in the Habit

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Get in the habit of Personally Recruiting and you will make CEO Tommy Boren very happy.  Tommy has asked all of you to help in his quest to achieve our 2013 goal of 160/52.  If you haven’t done your part, it’s not too late.  The month of December is wide open just waiting to challenge you! Tommy is doing all he can on his end to grow and move forward to a prosperous 2014.  Have you done your part to help Tommy?  Have you set your personal goals to share this opportunity with others?   Will you be on the bandwagon to help ensure 2014 is the year that “IS”?  ACT NOW!  Talk to everyone you meet and share this great opportunity. You have the opportunity to work with the best at Signtronix and the gift to share it with others.  Keep it in the family or share with friends or even strangers.  Whatever you choose be a part of our growth!

Join us in the quest to have 160 Dealers by the end of 52 Weeks.  Let’s all get on board “Make it Happen” and build our GREAT Signtronix Empire together.  Make It Happen 160/52!


Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”  ~Bo Bennett

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