Jun 27 2012

Signtronix – Glowing And Growing With Appreciation Part 1

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Source – A Gift Of Inspiration

The fact that I had taken time to congratulate him for his efforts was a seemingly small gesture from my point of view and took less than a minute to say, however, it had a big impact on his day, as he smiled and his face lit up in response to my short but sincere comments.

It was clear to me that the personal and internalized pride he showed in a job very well done was something that was very important to him and I am sure he really had no expectations that I would take time out to say what I had just said.

My words of appreciation were something I felt privileged to say, simply because I was impressed with what he had done and it was a measure of someone who was and is prepared to put in that little bit extra to make a very big difference in his business. Immediately after my comments he thanked me, and then asked me if I saw anything he could do to improve and if so, how could he make it a reality in his business. I must admit at the time I was not focused on what could be improved, so I guess my answer that I did not see anything he needed to improve, other than to keep doing what he was doing, was of little help to him, but it was an honest not a dismissive answer.

As I left him to continue on my day of business appointments, I realized not only had I made a difference to his day by what I had said, but the positive comment had also encouraged him to seek out ways to make his business even better. In addition it also lifted my spirits, and I felt great that he responded so positively and valued my feedback. So often we find that our business and personal life is punctuated with reviewing what went wrong or what needs to be fixed that we miss the opportunity to lighten up and be uplifted by giving and sharing some positive feedback.

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