Jun 29 2012

Signtronix – Glowing And Growing With Appreciation Part 2

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Source – A Gift Of Inspiration


I am reminded of the very wise comments an old friend, trainer and business mentor said, “Always look for the opportunity to find the positive in what people do, then give them genuine praise and watch them glow and grow with the appreciation.”

He loved using acronyms in his work, as it allowed him to shorten phrases or groups of words and as he put it to “anchor and reinforce his message in the minds of those he trained and mentored”.  His acronym for his work in training people to value and appreciate what others do and help them to glow and grow was A.C.S.D.S.R.   A bit of a mouthful, but it has stayed in my mind all these years. I am sure you are wondering what it means, so here is the full version – Always Catch Someone Doing Something Right.

I can see him now, standing in front of a group of managers sharing with them his formula for not only getting the best out of people and helping them to grow, but also for making your day just that little bit better. As he talked with them about the value in doing this, many would respond, “But what do you say if they do something wrong?”

His reply was such a simple but profound one. “Everyone does something right.  You just need to look for it, let them know you value and appreciate it, and then it is much easier to address what they may have done wrong and the solution to correct it.”  In addition, he would encourage everyone he trained or mentored to use A.C.S.D.S.R. constantly in order to enjoy the personal lift you get from doing it.

Always Catch Someone Doing Something Right


“I won’t let money control my work habits. I won’t quit until I’ve put in an honest day’s work!”  ~Tom Johnson


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