Sep 03 2014

Signtronix – Golden Lead Strikes Again Part 1

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Triple Crown DM Seth McNeal got another Golden Lead from Stacey Neill this week.  It was for a Veterinarian who had been in business 8 years.  Seth had actually done signs for another Animal Clinic only about a short mile away.  Seth was able to build value with the customer over the phone and schedule a time to meet between the customer’s surgeries. He loved the product and has wanted a new sign by the road for years.  Once Seth did the design it all boiled down to price.  The customer told Seth that he would prefer to buy the sign outright instead of doing a lease.  Then he actually decided to write a check for the ENTIRE 3 sign package.  He really needed the tax write off for this year so he pulled out his checkbook!  A new Model 45 and 2 Custom EMC’s are on their way!   Timing is everything!  Great job, Seth.

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